Filling and sealing liquid capsule technology

Capsule Filling Machines

    It is a fully automatic capsule filling machine with an output capacity of 40,000 capsules/hour. Filling machine available for capsule size 00 to 3. Filling is based on mechanical volumetric syringe type principle. It is capable of filling various types of dosage forms such as liquids,suspended liquid (oil and PEG based) and semi-solids that can be converted into liquid when heate, and maintains highly accurate fill weights of finished products.A disk feeder cuts down and supplies fill without stirring, making it possible to supply fixed quantities without changing the particles distribution.Capsules are filled directly into the body using a mechanical vibration filling method. After pressing in equal density, the fixed quantity is pushed upward from the bottom, the weight is adjusted by scraping the surplus powder out, and the capsule is joined. The filled capsule body is lifted upward by the pusher and joined with the cap through the joining block. The joined capsules are lifted over the cap disc by pusher and then discharged

Capsule Sealing Machines

    The banding of hard gelatin capsules is a process which has been commonly used and was originally developed to prevent separation of powder fille d capsules prior to the invention of capsule locking systems. The capsules are first rectified and then passed once or twice over a wheel that revolves in a gelatin bath. A quantity of gelatin is picked up by the serrated wheel and applied to the junction of the cap and body. The capsules remain in individual carriers for drying. It is generally accepted that the industrial banding operation is capital intensive and not user friendly.

    The system uses minimum mechanical force and capsules are not damaged or dented during the process, nor is there damage to the print on the capsule. The seats of the conveyor belt automatically position the capsules in the correct location for precise, uniform sealing. Any variation in closed joined capsule length is overcome Machine seal  double layer. This ensures that if there is an air bubble or unevenness in the first band it will be eliminated by the second application.The tight seal reduces the transmission of gases, (ie: oxygen) into the capsule shell thus reducing the potential for oxidation and discoloration. The sealed capsule also prevents the escape of odors from inside the capsule increasing patient compliance.The wet bands of material are dried with filtered air at room temperature. The air is blown directly onto the bands; thus, loss of moisture from the shell is reduced to a minimum.Colored bands can add to the visual appeal of a capsule product and increase product recognition among consumers. The visual band can serve as a tamper-evident characteristic, meaning that if any filled and sealed capsule that has been tampered with will have sustainable, visible damage.


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