What is Zilcap (TM)?


                       Blue Belt                                        Transparent  Belt                                            Orange Belt

                        Yellow Belt

            Zilcap TM is a production of supplement capsule by enclosing substances such as oil, cream, granule and gel etc. into 2-piece capsule (Body & Cap) and seal the seam with Zealing Gelatin which reduces oxidation within the capsule. Zilcap TM is different from Soft Gel (Soft capsule) which air can go through, reducing a product quality and when temperature gets high it’s prone to contort.


Benefits of Zilcap TM

Value-added product

Various materials can be used, applicable for both Gelatin Capsule and HPMC Capsule (Capsule from plant)

More attractive

Lower excipients such as platicizer

Higher absorption

Higher potential profit

Smaller capsule

Little smell

Solid encapsulation

Outstanding and unique features such as can contain both fluid and pellet in one capsule

Low-volume production – more than 2,000 capsules at lab scale level (in case clients need samples for accessing market)

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